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Delaware Geologic Research Symposium - April 14, 2015


The DGS is again hosting a research symposium with presentations on Delaware Geology. This meeting is targeting geoscience professionals as well as planners, engineers, and others that use geologic data.  Documentation for PG credits will be available for those attending. 

Groundwater Monitoring Network Infrastructure Expansion – Sussex County, Delaware

The DGS has begun a multi-year project to install new groundwater monitoring infrastructure and collect baseline data in Sussex County, Delaware. This project is a continuation of a larger effort to construct a statewide groundwater monitoring network.

Creation of Improved Accuracy LiDAR-Based Digital Elevation Models for the St. Jones River and Blackbird Creek Watersheds

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In tidal wetlands, the high density of vegetation cover inhibits penetration of LiDAR pulses through the vegetation to the ground surface and low vegetation heights inhibit classification of ground point elevations. This project identities and corrects for biases found in the St. Jones and Blackbird Reserves using GPS RTK surveying and statistical analysis.

Strategic Plan for Geologic Mapping of Delaware 2016-2030

Geologic maps at the DGS are created as primary deliverables of a project and as derivatives of other projects. Primary deliverables are mainly those that are the result of outside funding sources such as the AASG-USGS cooperative StateMap. Derivative maps are those that have primary data collected for reasons other than geologic mapping can be used to create geologic maps or that geologic maps are derivative products of a project rather than the primary goal of a project.

OFR 50 University of Delaware Database of Amino acid racemization data for Quaternary mollusks, North and South America coastal sites

Amino acid racemization (AAR) geochronology has been applied to Quaternary deposits of the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts for over 40 years (see reviews in Wehmiller, 1992, Wehmiller et al., 1988, Wehmiller and Miller, 2000, and Wehmiller, 2013a, 2013b). In an effort to develop a comprehensive database of results from these various studies, Pellerito (2004) created the MS-Access Database that is part of this open-file publication (see Pellerito citation in reference section). The current version of this database is a work in progress, as information is being updated regularly.