Water Conditions Summary Station Map

The map at the left displays stations frequently monitored by the DGS for current and long-term hydrologic conditions throughout Delaware. These include weather stations, streamgages, and groundwater wells in unconfined and confined aquifers. Data from most of the stations are collected monthly. See a full list of stations at the bottom of this page.

Groundwater Well: DGS Id55-01

39.172599, -75.509902

Groundwater Well: DGS Bc43-01

39.7817, -75.625099

Groundwater Well: DGS Db24-18

39.6487, -75.697502

Groundwater Well: DGS Ec32-07

39.545398, -75.6333

Groundwater Well: DGS Hb14-12

39.330398, -75.685203

Groundwater Well: DGS Jd14-01

39.159999, -75.532501

Groundwater Well: DGS Mc51-01a

38.845401, -75.665496

Groundwater Well: DGS Nc13-03

38.825698, -75.615997

Groundwater Well: DGS Qe44-01

38.527698, -75.433502

Meteorological Station: City of Lewes

38.769555, -75.138527

Meteorological Station: DelDOT Admin Building, Dover

Meteorological Station: Georgetown Sussex County Airport

Meteorological Station: Greenwood

38.80706, -75.59132

Meteorological Station: New Castle County Airport

Meteorological Station: Porter Reservoir

39.77317, -75.5427

Meteorological Station: Town of Selbyville

38.466667, -75.216667

Meteorological Station: University of Delaware Ag Farm

Streamgage: Beaverdam Branch at Houston

38.905778, -75.51275

Streamgage: Blackbird Creek at Blackbird

39.366277, -75.669389

Streamgage: Brandywine Creek at Wilmington

39.769417, -75.573277

Streamgage: Christina River at Coochs Bridge

39.637388, -75.727888

Streamgage: Marshyhope Creek near Adamsville

Streamgage: Millsboro Pond Outlet at Millsboro

Streamgage: Nanticoke River near Bridgeville

38.728333, -75.561861

Streamgage: Red Clay Creek at Wooddale

39.762805, -75.6365

Streamgage: Red Clay Creek near Stanton

39.71575, -75.639944

Streamgage: Shellpot Creek at Wilmington

39.760972, -75.5186944

Streamgage: St. Jones River at Dover

39.163722, -75.519083

Streamgage: White Clay Creek at Newark

39.689222, -75.74875

Streamgage: White Clay Creek near Newark

39.69922, -75.675027