The Delaware DataMIL

Project Status

The Delaware DataMIL (Data Mapping and Integration Laboratory) initially began as a pilot project for the USGS National Map in 2001. It serves Delaware's Spatial Data Framework, or basic map datasets, on which state agencies, local and county governments, academic GIS users, and the private sector can use for their own needs. The primary impetus was to foster collaboration among data producers at the local, county, state and federal levels and incorporate local knowledge to update digital datasets and hard-copy maps at all levels.

The Framework datasets are considered the most current and up-to-date base map information available. For each framework data set, a steward is identified to take ownership and maintain the only "official" dataset for that part of the Framework. DataMIL can be viewed as the "middle-man" between the data producing stewards and GIS data users.

Delaware's Spatial Data Framework is organized into nine dataset categories. Each category may contain several unique datasets.

  • Boundaries
  • County Parcels
  • Water Features
  • Transportation
  • Elevation
  • Geodetic Control
  • Surface Cover
  • Geographic Names
  • Aerial Imagery

DataMIL also provides access for Delaware topographic maps that replace the old USGS 7.5-minute topographic maps for the State. Made from the up-to-date framework layers for the State, these topographic maps are always made with the newest available data. An entire set of maps is produced every two weeks and is available for download in PDF file format.

The DataMIL was originally developed by Research and Data Management Services within Information Technology, University of Delaware. It is currently maintained by the Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) and served via the internet through the State of Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI).

The DataMIL was officially released 0n April 18, 2002 and ended on June 30, 2013. Farewell DataMIL, you served us well!