A. Scott Andres


Scott Andres has been a hydrogeologist with the Delaware Geological Survey since 1984 during which time he has worked, published, and presented on a variety of ground and surface water projects and issues. Scott began a career in hydrogeology in 1980 with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, where he was responsible for investigating ground-water pollution incidents.

Recent research efforts related to water resources have focused on effects of agriculture and land based disposal of wastewater on soils, rocks, and ground and surface waters, use of automated sensors for high-frequency monitoring of groundwater and watershed-scale water quality, ground-water modeling, submarine groundwater discharge, and large scale mapping and characterization of aquifer hydrology, geometries, and hydraulics. These efforts have included collaborative projects with researchers from other University of Delaware departments, other universities, U. S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Besides research, Mr. Andres participates in a number of advisory boards, working groups, review panels, and committees for government, academia, and professional societies. Over the years, Mr. Andres has trained and advised dozens of students that have gone on into water resources related careers in consulting, government, and academia.

Mr. Andres has a secondary appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

DGS Publications
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Lehigh University, 1984, M.S., Geology
Lehigh University, 1980, B.S., Environmental Science and Resource Management and Geology

Inland Bays Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (Chair 2012 - 2019), USDA SERA IEG-17 Information Exchange Group, DNREC CTAC Source Water Protection Program, Wisconsin State Water Resources Program Review Panel, South Carolina Sea Grant Program Research Review Panel, ACWI SOGW - Various Workgroups, Delaware EPSCoR Proposal Review Panel

External Publications

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Abstracts, Lectures and Presentations

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