Paul "Steve" McCreary

DGS Well Driller
Areas of Expertise

Steve McCreary joined the Delaware Geological Survey in 2003 as a Senior Research Technician. Mr. McCreary's primary job is to maintain and operate the equipment for DGS exploratory drilling program. He also provides numerous other technical support functions with a focus on data collection in the field.

Drilling is crucial to the DGS exploration efforts related to our geologic and hydrologic research, especially geologic mapping. Mr. McCreary has more than 20 years experience in water well drilling and installation, much of it in private industry in Delaware and Maryland.

Mr. McCreary's responsibilities include obtaining all permits from state and local governments, drilling the holes necessary to obtain the geologic and hydrologic data, abandoning holes or installing wells, in accordance with state laws to protect our natural resources. Mr. McCreary conducts drilling operations using the DGS 2006 CME model 55 drill rig. He has experience with, and utilizes a variety of drilling methods to collect data, including auger drilling, split spoon sampling, wireline coring, and mud rotary drilling.

Mr. McCreary is also responsible for obtaining and recording water levels for the DGS Monitoring Network. The network currently consists of 101 wells located throughout Delaware in various water-bearing formations.

DGS Publications

Delaware Master Well Driller's License #686
Water Systems Council MD/DE Children's Water Festivals - Organizing Committee Member