June Hazewski

Research Technician

June Hazewski joined the Delaware Geological Survey in 2021. Her major duties are comprised of both laboratory functions and field operations.

Ms. Hazewski conducts laboratory work in support of geological studies. One of her major laboratory responsibilities is the processing of sediment samples to isolate fossil pollen and other microscopic fossils. The analysis of the microfossils is used to estimate the age of ancient sediments as well as to understand environments and climates of the past. Ms. Hazewski also performs other standard laboratory operations including sediment analysis and helps manage DGS sample collections.

Ms. Hazewski is responsible for maintenance of DGS field sites and instruments that continually monitor Delaware's subsurface for groundwater conditions and earthquake activity. She supports DGS field operations for collection of water levels in monitoring wells and obtaining geophysical logs from recently drilled wells.

DGS Projects and News
University of Delaware, 2020, M.S., Geological Sciences
University of Delaware, 2015, B.S., Geological Sciences, Minor: Spanish