Charles "Tom" Smith

Senior Research Technician II
Areas of Expertise

Tom Smith joined the Delaware Geological Survey in 1987. His major duties are comprised of both laboratory functions and field operations.

Mr. Smith is the laboratory supervisor, safety officer, and chemical hygiene officer for the DGS. One of his major laboratory specialties is the processing of core samples for fossil pollen. The analysis of the pollen is used to identify climates associated with sequence rock formation stratigraphy. Mr. Smith performs such standard laboratory operations as chemical analysis of water samples, x-ray diffraction, sediment analysis, and microscopy.

Mr. Smith is responsible for installing, maintaining, modifying, and repairing the various field instruments and communications links which are used to monitor Delaware's seismology, streams, aquifers, and rainfall. The DGS actively provides Delaware Emergency Management Agency officials with the facts necessary to make vital decisions. Telemetry, VHF radio, Delaware's microwave system, the internet, and occasionally SATCOM are used as communication links from field instrumentation to the DGS building on the University of Delaware campus.

DGS Publications
Pennsylvania State University, 1979, B.S., Earth Sciences