Scott Andres participated in the 2011 NGWA Summit in Baltimore, MD

Scott Andres of the Delaware Geological Survey and Holly Michael, assistant professor of geological sciences, participated in 2011 National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Groundwater Summit and were co-organizers of the session titled "Submarine Discharge of Groundwater and Nutrients into Estuaries and Oceans," May 3, Baltimore.

Other presenters at the NGWA Groundwater Summit were:

Andres and Michael, and Paul S. McCreary (Delaware Geological Survey), Chris Russoniello (geological sciences graduate student), Cristina Fernandez (geological sciences graduate student), Kevin Myers (environmental sciences undergraduate student), and Andrew Musetto (geological sciences undergraduate student), “Case Study of Using Offshore Wells for Monitoring Submarine Groundwater Discharge, Indian River Bay, Delaware,” May 3.

Michael, Russoniello, Fernandez, Musetto, Myers, John Bratton (NOAA), Kevin Kroger (U.S. Geological Survey) and Andres, “Spatial Patterns of Subsurface Salinity and Submarine Groundwater Discharge into Indian River Bay, Delaware,” May 3.

Fernandez, Russoniello, Musetto, Michael, Kroger, Bratton and Andres, “Porewater Salinity Distribution and Geochemical Characterization Beneath Indian River Bay, Delaware,” May 3.

Russoniello, Michael, Andres and Leonard Konikow (U.S. Geological Survey), “Construction of a Watershed-Scale Model to Assess Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Indian River Bay, Delaware,” May 3.

Maryam Akhavan (civil and environmental engineering doctoral student), Paul Imhoff (associate professor of civil and environmental engineering), Andres and Stefan Finsterle (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), “Minimizing Contaminant Transport to Groundwater from Rapid Infiltration Basins: Model Evaluation of Soil Heterogeneity,” May 4.

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