Project Update: NEWRnet - North East Water Resources Network

Infrastructure that will support the NEWRNet water quality monitoring station was installed at the main outflow of Coursey Pond on the fish ladder on April 23, 2014. Components of the installation include:

A vertical standpipe with intake and fittings that will protect the YSI-EXO, S::can Spectrolyser and cables
Weathertight enclosure
Solar panel
Electric conduit
Steel superstructure to support the enclosure and solar panel
Monitoring station at Coursey Pond outlet

DGS research technician Steve McCreary fabricated the superstructure and led the 4-hour effort to install the device on the pier. Thanks to the DEOS team for purchasing and delivering the enclosure, battery, and solar panel.

Wiring and controllers were installed, and water quality instruments were deployed in trial mode on June 5. The next milestone is to install telemetry equipment that will forward data from the site to DEOS computers where it can be accessed by the project team.


For questions and information, contact DGS at, 302-831-2833