Presentations at GSA (Geological Society of America) 2012 Annual Meeting

David Wunsch, director of the Delaware Geological Survey and state geologist, and Peter McLaughlin, senior scientist with the Delaware Geological Survey, attended the annual meeting Geological Society of America in Charlotte, N.C., Nov. 4-7.

Wunsch gave a presentation titled “Career Opportunities for Geoscientists in the Policy Arena and Related Sectors.”

McLaughlin gave a presentation titled “Miocene Lithostratigraphy, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Aquifer Mapping and in the Central Delmarva Peninsula,” and three poster presentations, “Facies and Depositional Environments in the Non-Marine Cretaceous Deposits of the Potomac Formation, Northern Delaware: Implications for Aquifer Sand Connectivity,” “Seismic Imaging and Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Potomac Formation in Northern New Castle County, Delaware,” and “Paleosols and Pedogenesis of the Potomac Formation in Delaware and New Jersey.”

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