OFR 50 - Delaware Geological Survey releases report on coastal sedimentary deposits

The Delaware Geological Survey has published an online report that presents a compilation of chronologic information for coastal sedimentary deposits of the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific coasts, with additional information for sites on the Pacific coast of South America.

Titled Database of Quaternary Coastal Geochronologic Information for the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of North America (additional information for sites in Peru and Chile), Open File Report Number 50 presents the results of research conducted over nearly 40 years by John F. Wehmiller, professor emeritus in UD’s Department of Geological Sciences; Vincent Pellerito, of URS Corp., Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and formerly of both the Delaware Geological Survey and UD geological sciences; and numerous other colleagues both within and external to the DGS and the University of Delaware.

Open File Report No. 50 contains a variety of information related to the chronology and stratigraphy of over 1,000 collection sites from coastal sedimentary units, including approximately 150 from Delaware, most of Quaternary age (~

For questions and information, contact DGS at
delgeosurvey@udel.edu, 302-831-2833

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