Geology in Action at the DGS

DGS staff collect, catalog, describe, and archive hundreds of feet of wireline core samples every year. More than 8100 linear feet of core, comprising nearly 4500 individual samples have been collected and archived at the DGS to date. Wireline coring is a labor intensive, time consuming drilling technique that yields samples of sediment and sedimentary rock that are relatively undisturbed by the collection process. These samples are extremely valuable for analyzing the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of the sediments.

Visual description and geotechnical and simple geochemical testing of core is done in the field. Following the excellent example set by colleagues at Rutgers University and NJ Geological Survey, DGS staff members participate in workshops, in which wireline core and other data are laid out so that they can be further scrutinized, and interpretations shared, discussed, and recorded. This work adds to institutional knowledge and benefits stakeholders that need information on geology and hydrology.

For questions and information, contact DGS at, 302-831-2833