DGS releases two new datasets

DGS has released two new datasets. One dataset is a spreadsheet format file containing results of hydraulic tests from Appendix 3 of the soon to published DGS Open File Report No. 53, “Kent County groundwater monitoring project: results of subsurface exploration“. This report is the first publication from the project “Groundwater and saline water intrusion monitoring network infrastructure improvements: Kent County, Delaware” https://www.dgs.udel.edu/projects/groundwater-and-saline-water-intrusio…. These data are critical input to evaluation of the capacity and sustainability of groundwater resources.

The second dataset is from the completed project “The determination of total nutrient loads from Millsboro Pond to the Indian River estuary from data provided by an automated nutrient analyzer “. Included in the dataset is an MS Access database of results of chemical and physical analyses of water at Millsboro Pond outlet as well as metadata and data extraction queries. Also included in the dataset are a series of contract reports that describe the methods and findings. These data will be instrumental in evaluating past water quality conditions in the upper Indian River.

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