DGS Presentations in October 2023

Several staff of the Delaware Geological Survey presented work at the 2023 GSA Connects 2023, the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, held October 15-18 in Pittsburgh, PA. Hydrologist Thomas E. McKenna presented a talk " Influence of geology and historical mining and ditching on the flooding of an estuarine barrier at Slaughter Beach, Delaware." Senior Scientist Peter P. McLaughlin, Jr., presented a poster entitled "Paleogene-Neogene Stratigraphy of a New Continuously Cored Hole at Sandtown, Delaware" and coauthored a poster with recent graduate student Kristina Gardner entitled "Paleocene-Eocene Palynology and Stratigraphic Correlation Across a Nearshore-to-Offshore Transition in the Subsurface of Central Delaware (U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain)." Hydrologist Rachel McQuiggan presented a talk on the subject "Road salt impacts groundwater quality and recharge in stormwater management areas."

Daniel Warner of the Delaware Geological Survey presented a poster titled “Modeling 21st century beach sand resource supply and demand for Delaware and Maryland” at the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association Annual Meeting in Providence, RI. 10/11/23.

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