DGS Presentation on Groundwater to Clean Water Task Force

DGS staff member A. Scott Andres presented an invited talk “Groundwater in Delaware – 15 minutes on a misunderstood resource” to the Delaware Clean Water Task Force on October 15, 2015 in Dover, Delaware. Created in 2015 by Senate Concurrent Resolution 30, the task force is chaired by State Senator Bryan Townsend (Newark). The group is charged with identify and recommending potential funding mechanisms to improve water quality and alleviate flooding.
The presentation provided basic information on groundwater science, the intrinsic importance of groundwater in the State’s water resources and economy, and highlighted challenges to providing the research and basic data needed to proactively manage groundwater resources. Follow-up questions and comments from task force members gained knowledge about the decades to millennia associated with groundwater flow and the impact of large-scale nutrient pollution of groundwater on surface water quality. One comment indicated an appreciation for the way the presentation helped “peel back the onion.”
Presentations such as this are one way the DGS provides objective earth science information and advice to its stakeholders.

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