Delaware Geological Survey is hosting inaugural research symposium, open house

The Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) is hosting an inaugural research symposium on Tuesday, April 16, for geoscience professionals, planners, educators, engineers and others who use geologic data.

The daylong event will cover earthquakes, groundwater quality modeling, geologic mapping, Delaware’s geologic history, stream and groundwater level monitoring and studies related to marsh hydrology and sea level, among other topics.

“The goal is primarily to provide a local venue for presenting new geologic research, networking between geoscience professionals and discussing information related to the geology of Delaware,” said organizer and DGS scientist Kelvin Ramsey.

DGS conducts geologic and hydrologic research throughout the state. The symposium will highlight recent research and DGS resources available to aid geologists in their own work.

Many professional geologists in Delaware conduct site-specific investigations related to construction and the geology of former commercial and industrial sites that may have contamination issues. For example, they may evaluate a former gas station site to see if there are groundwater contamination issues and model likely geologic pathways that the contamination may travel.

Professional geologists also use test borings to determine the stability of geologic materials under loading conditions related to the construction of buildings, bridges or other structures. Geologists are also involved in a variety of work such as stream restoration, location of aquifers to be used in water wells and sand and gravel resource analysis.

The mission of the DGS is to conduct research regarding the geology and hydrogeology of Delaware and provide the results of the research to geologic professionals, regulatory agencies and others who may have need of the data and research findings.

In addition to research publications, the DGS makes data available online for public use. For example, maps and digital data related to of depth to the water table for wet, normal, and dry years for Kent, Sussex and southern New Castle counties are available on the DGS website.

While the symposium attendees will be mainly professionals, students are invited to attend the presentations and share their research during a morning poster session. The event provides a networking opportunity for students and working geologists in the local area.

The Delaware Geologic Research Symposium will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. in the Rodney Room of the Perkins Student Center at 325 Academy St. in Newark.

Following the symposium there will be an open house at the DGS Building at 257 Academy St., where attendees can tour the facility, meet DGS staff, view the DGS Core and Sample Repository and obtain DGS publications. A drill rig will be set up outside for viewing, along with a tower equipped with remote sensing gear used to study marshes and sea level.

Required registration is free and the symposium provides continuing education credits for geoscience professionals.

For more information, click here or contact Kelvin Ramsey at

About the Delaware Geological Survey

The Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) is a science-based, public-service-driven Delaware state agency at the University of Delaware that conducts geologic and hydrologic research, service and exploration for the benefit of the citizens of the First State.

The mission of the DGS is to provide objective earth science information, advice and service to its stakeholders — the citizens, policy makers, industries and educational institutions of Delaware.

DGS became formally affiliated within the University’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment in 2008, and most DGS scientists have secondary faculty appointments in the college’s Department of Geological Sciences.

Photos courtesy of the Delaware Geological Survey and by Kathy F. Atkinson, Danielle Quigley and Teresa Messmore

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