Celebrate National Fossil Day on October, 15 2014

Did you know that Wednesday, October 15 is National Fossil Day?

As part of the American Geological Institute's "Earth Science Week", the National Park Service has established "National Fossil Day" to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational values. The National Park Service is the caretaker of many exceptional natural sites in the United States, including numerous areas where fossils provide a window into the animal and plant life of ancient eras in Earth's history.

While Delaware does not have a history of famous dinosaur discoveries like some western states, the First State does have a unique geological history that is recorded in fossils. From dinosaur-era marine life that is preserved in the geological formations that lie under Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to teeth and bones of early manatees, porpoises, and rhinoceroses found in Kent County, Delaware's paleontological record provides valuable insights into past environmental conditions and the evolution of life in our part of the East Coast.

To learn more about the history of past life recorded in Delaware's geological formations, we invite you to visit the Delaware Geological Survey's paleontology web pages at http://www.dgs.udel.edu/delaware-geology/what-fossil.

For information on National Fossil Week, please visit the official National Park Service web page at http://nature.nps.gov/geology/nationalfossilday/overview.cfm.

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