Digital Mapping Techniques 2014 Workshop

Hosted by the Delaware Geological Survey, Association of American State Geologists, and the U.S. Geological Survey.

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware
June 1-4, 2014

Workshop Description

While the DMT meetings have significantly facilitated progress on certain standards (e.g., cartographic, database design, science terminologies), their principal focus is to provide the geologic mapping agencies, and the community in general, with an effective venue for discussion and sharing of information. There is not, of course, a single "solution" or approach to digital mapping that will work for each agency or for each program or group within an agency; personnel and funding levels, and the schedule, data format, and manner in which we must deliver our information to the public require that each agency design its own approach. However, the value of this workshop and other forums like it is through their roles in helping to design or refine these agency-specific approaches to digital mapping and to find applicable approaches used by other agencies. In other words, communication helps us to avoid having to "reinvent the wheel."

At this, our 18th Annual DMT workshop, we look forward to another productive gathering! If you haven't been to a previous DMT meeting but are interested in attending, please contact Dave Soller ( for more information. To get a sense of the content and tone of previous meetings, please see for the agendas, presentations, and Proceedings volumes.

Workshop Topics

Oral and poster presentations on project, agency, and international map/database activities, and the full cycle of geologic map production work flow in agencies are welcomed.

The focus of this meeting will remain consistent with the core issues addressed at previous DMT meetings, including but not limited to:

  • Cartographic techniques for creating paper and PDF-format geologic maps from field notes, manuscript maps, and map databases
  • Information management and delivery (e.g. web-accessible databases, web feature services)
  • Design and implementation of individual and corporate geologic map databases
  • Migration of map data to new formats (for example, from Arc coverages or shapefiles to ArcGIS Geodatabases)
  • Preservation of unpublished earth science information
  • The use of LIDAR or other advanced terrain models for field work and map/database preparation
  • 3-D databases and/or visualization techniques

Workshop Program

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Call for Papers

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Fees and Registration

Registration for the Workshop is now open! Early-Bird registration is $175.00. The registration fee will increase to $225.00 after May 2, 2014.Learn more...

Travel and Accommodations

Registrants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, transportation, lodging, and meals. Additional information is available through the links below.

For more information about the Conference, please contact:

Dave Soller
Phone: 703.648.6907

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