Catalog of Delaware Minerals

Listed below are minerals that have been found within the State of Delaware. Each mineral name is linked to related DGS publications and other pages within this site. The amount of related information will change over time as new information is posted to the site.

More Information:

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Special Note

Invalid Mineral Names and Mineral Symbols (per IMA/CNMMN)

  • bronzite = var. of enstatite
  • canbyite = hisingerite
  • deweylite = mixture of layer silicates
  • fibrolite = sillimanite
  • garnierite = probably nepouite
  • hornblende = amphibole group
  • eucoxene = most likely anatase or rutile
  • limonite = most likely goethite
  • marmolite = most likely chrysotile or lizardite (serpentine group)
  • picotite = chrome spinel
  • psilomelane = probably romanechite
  • serpophite – most likely lizardite (serpentine group)
  • wad = mixture of Mn oxides/hydroxides