Bellevue State Park (BVD) Seismic Station

The seismometer located at Bellevue State Park is placed on the Brandywine Blue Gneiss. The Brandywine Blue Gneiss is the new name given to the granulite-facies felsic gneisses in the Wilmington Complex. Informally called the “blue rocks,” this unit is a medium- to coarse-grained, lineated (pinstriped), two-pyroxene gneiss with variable quartz content and thin, discontinuous mafic layers, pods, and schlieren. The pinstriping and the massive nature of the rock suggest the rock is intrusive; however, deformation and recrystallization have obscured original igneous features.

The unit appears on the Wilmington North, Wilmington South, and Marcus Hook quadrangles where it underlies the city of Wilmington and its northeastern suburbs.

Seismometer:Mark Products L-4C Short period Vertical
Amplifier: Sprengnether AS-110 Gain 68dB
VCO: TC-10 1700 Hz

Latitude: 39.77472
Longitude: -75.49944
Elevation: 58 meters above sea level

39.77472, -75.49944