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Act of 1837

On February 18, 1837, the Delaware Legislature passed an act "to procure to make a geological and mineralogical survey of the State."

DGS First Drill Rig

President of the University Of Delaware, John A. Perkins, who was an ex-officio member of the Geological Commission, requested Henry B. Du Pont to donate a small truck mounted auger drilling rig to the University for use of the Delaware Geological Survey. With wishes granted, the rig was put into operation in 1951.

Senate Bill 129 Created the Delaware Geological Survey June 4, 1951

Governor Elbert N. Carvel promoted legislation, with regard to water resources, with Seante Bill 129 which created the Delaware Geological Survey, introduced by State Senator William O. Cubbage in the 116 General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Carvel on June 4, 1951.

DGS Annual Report of Programs & Activities

The DGS Annual Report of Programs & Activities offers news on Delaware geology and water resources, on recent DGS maps and reports, and on DGS staff activities as an online publication.

SP17 The Delaware Geological Survey: The Formative Years, 1951-1969

Emphasis is placed herein on the years of Dr. Groot's leadership of the Survey. The remarkable work of James C. Booth in the last century is acknowledged but has elsewhere been entered in history. Some continuing activities of the Survey after 1969 are noted together with comments of an experienced observer; this current period may someday receive the attention of a recorder having the enhanced perspective of time.

SP8 Memoir of the Geological Survey of the State of Delaware

The following report of the geological survey of the state of Delaware, conducted in the years 1837 and 1838, embraces all the observations and examinations which were made during the continuance of the survey, including those contained in the first and second annual reports, already laid before the legislature.