Piney Point Formation

Piney Point Formation johncallahan Mon, 07/27/2009 - 14:03

Description published in GM14 Geologic Map of Kent County, Delaware, Ramsey, K.W., 2007:

Bright green, fine to coarse, shelly, glauconitic (20 to 40% glauconite), quartz sand. Silty and clayey toward the bottom and coarsens upwards. Considered to be a marine deposit (Benson, Jordan, and Spoljaric, 1985). The Piney Point aquifer coincides with the sandier portion of the unit. Ranges up to 250 feet thick in the southern portion of Kent County.


Coastal Plain - Primarily Subsurface Unit

Formation Type
Geologic Unit Symbol
Geologic Time Period
upper Eocene

Benson, R.N., Jordan, R.R., and Spoljaric, N., 1985, <a href="/publications/b17-geological-studies-cretaceous-and-tertiary-section-test-well-je32-04-central-delawa">Geological study of the Cretaceous and Tertiary Section, Test Well Je32-04, Central Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Bulletin No. 17</a>, 69 p.