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DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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SP4 Generalized Geologic Map of Delaware

SP4 Generalized Geologic Map of Delaware
Publication Type:
Special Publication
Publication Date:
Aug 1966
Spoljaric, N., Jordan, R.R.

The Generalized Geologic Map of Delaware is a brief summary for general use indicating the major types and locations of rocks present throughout the State, and their interrelationships. The map is preliminary as it is a first step in a continuing program of detailed geologic mapping. It is based upon many existing sources of data; additional detail may be found in the references listed.

Coverage Area
Use Constraints

Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Spoljaric, N. and Jordan, R.R. , 1966, eneralized Geologic Map of Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Special Publication 4 ,

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