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SP26 Historical Coastline Changes of Cape Henlopen, Delaware

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SP26 Historical Coastline Changes of Cape Henlopen, Delaware
Publication Type:
Special Publication
Publication Date:
Oct 2001
Ramsey, K.W., Wang, L.T.

Coastlines are not static features. They are shaped by the daily effects of wind, current, and wave activity. Over time, a coastline may move landward due to relative sea-level rise or low sediment supply, or seaward due to relative sea-level fall or an overabundance of sediment. Perhaps the most striking example of shoreline movement in Delaware is at Cape Henlopen which has grown northward approximately one mile in the last 160 years. Maps and aerial photographs show these changes.

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Ramsey, K.W. and Wang, L.T. , 2001, Historical Coastline Changes of Cape Henlopen, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Special Publication 26.

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