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SP24 Selected Geomorphic Features of Delaware

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SP24 Selected Geomorphic Features of Delaware
Publication Type:
Special Publication
Publication Date:
Dec 2000
Ramsey, K.W., Schenck, W.S., Wang, L.T.

The shaded relief image on the left was created using 30-meter resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). The DEMs were developed by John Mackenzie, University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Laboratory, from rasterized 1992-93 United States Geological Survey (USGS) Digital Line Graph (DLG) hypsography data. He also combined these data with zero-elevation contours extracted from 1989 Landsat TM Band 7 satellite imagery for coastal quadrangles. The image was digitally enhanced using a false sun angle of 45 degrees shining from the northwest to exaggerate the geomorphic features. In reality the Delaware Coastal Plain is not "mountainous," as it looks in this enhanced image. The hydrology layer was created using USGS 30 x 60 minute and 7.5 minute series DLG data. Municipal boundaries were created using the Delaware Municipal Boundary Framework Layer. Both maps are projected in Universal Transverse Mercator, Zone 18 (UTM 18) on the North American Datum 1983 (NAD83).

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Ramsey, K.W., Schenck, W.S., Wang, L.T., 2000, Selected Geomorphic Features of Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Special Publication 24.

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