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RI62 The Cypress Swamp Formation, Delaware

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RI62 The Cypress Swamp Formation, Delaware
Publication Type:
Report of Investigation
Publication Date:
Dec 2000
Andres, A.S., Howard, C.S.

The Cypress Swamp of Sussex County, Delaware, is underlain by a body of late Pleistocene- to Holocene-age unconsolidated sediments. They form a mappable geologic unit herein named the Cypress Swamp Formation. Deposits of the formation can be found outside the current boundaries of the Cypress Swamp and record the erosion and redistribution of older Pleistocene coastal and Pliocene sedimentary units.

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Andres, A.S. and Howard, C.S. , 2000, The Cypress Swamp Formation, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Report of Investigation 62.

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