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RI50 Plant Microfossils of the Calvert Formation of Delaware

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RI50 Plant Microfossils of the Calvert Formation of Delaware
Publication Type:
Report of Investigation
Publication Date:
Jun 1992
Groot, J.J.

The Calvert Formation, deposited in a shallow sea during the late Oligocene and early to middle Miocene (15-27 million years ago), contains a very rich fossil microflora, both in terms of number of specimens and number of species. Most abundant are pollen of oak, pine, and hickory, but exotic taxa (those that no longer occur in Delaware) are present in all samples of this formation. They include pollen of Engelhardia type, Manilkara, Planera (water elm), Alangium(?), and palms. All of these exotics are genera of subtropical or tropical regions, some occurring now in Central America, Florida, and east Asia. The climate during the deposition of the Calvert Formation was probably subtropical and moist.

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Groot, J.J., 1992, Plant Microfossils of the Calvert Formation of Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Report of Investigation 50.

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