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RI44 Ground-Water Levels in Delaware January 1978 - December 1987

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RI44 Ground-Water Levels in Delaware January 1978 - December 1987
Publication Type:
Report of Investigation
Publication Date:
Oct 1988
Talley, J.H.

Water-level records from 19 observation wells in Delaware for the period January 1978 - December 1987 provide the bases for analyses of water-level fluctuations. Water levels in shallow water-table wells generally rise from November to March when recharge exceeds discharge and decline during the warm growing season from May through September. Although water levels in individual water-table wells fluctuated by as much as 11.72 feet during the 10-year period studied, the water-table system remained in a state of dynamic equilibrium and exhibited no significant changes in aquifer storage.

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Talley, J.H., 1988, Ground-Water Levels in Delaware January 1978 - December 1987: Delaware Geological Survey Report of Investigation 44,

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