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OFR9 Geologic Field Trips in Delaware

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OFR9 Geologic Field Trips in Delaware
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
May 1977
Benson, R.N., Hahn, W.F., Jordan, R.R., Pickett, T.E., Talley, J.H., Thompson, A.M., Woodruff, K.D.

The information contained in this Guidebook was compiled on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Association of American State Geologists held in Delaware in June 1977. The Delaware Geological Survey is pleased to have been selected to host this national meeting. The field trip logs were designed to familiarize geologists from across the United States with basic features of Delaware's geology and resources. We have also sought to identify some points of historical and cultural interest that may help the visitor become familiar with our State. Experience has shown that field guides retain their usefulness beyond the event that they initially served. They may assist classes, other groups, and individuals seeking additional information about their physical environment. Therefore, this Guidebook has been published as an Open File Report for public distribution. All users of this information are urged to exercise caution, especially at rock faces and along waterways, and to obtain specific permission for visits from landowners where necessary.

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Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Benson, R.N., Hahn, W.F., Jordan, R.R., Pickett, T.E., Talley, J.H., Thompson, A.M., Woodruff, K.D., 1977, Geologic Field Trips in Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report R9,

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