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OFR32 Geologic Map of Southern Delaware

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OFR32 Geologic Map of Southern Delaware
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
Jun 1990
Ramsey, K.W., Schenck, W.S.

This geologic map shows: (1) distribution of geologic units found at the land surface; (2) updip limit (generally the northern extent) of Miocene and Pliocene geologic units found in the subsurface; and (3) locations of major subsurface faults that affected deposition of the Miocene and Pliocene geologic units. The geologic units shown are defined on their dominant lithologies (i.e., sand, silt, clay) and other characteristics such as presence or absence of shells or other fossils and range of colors.

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Ramsey, K.W. and Schenck, W.S. , 1990, Geologic Map of Southern Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report 32.

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