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OFR31 The Storm of July 5, 1989: Hydrologic Conditions

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OFR31 The Storm of July 5, 1989: Hydrologic Conditions
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
Oct 1989
Talley, J.H.

Heavy precipitation associated with intense thunderstorm activity occurred in northern New Castle County, Delaware, from 0500 to 1300 hours on July 5, 1989. The most intense rainfall, which fell between 0600 and 1100 hours, is classified as a 100 year event in New Castle County. Record high stream discharges occurred at five gaged sites and three miscellaneous sites. One hundred-year floods were recorded at four sites.

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Talley, J.H., 1989, The Storm of July 5, 1989: Hydrologic Conditions: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report 31.

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