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OFR3 Preliminary Report on the Earthquake of February 28, 1973

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OFR3 Preliminary Report on the Earthquake of February 28, 1973
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
Apr 1973
Woodruff, K.D., Jordan, R.R., Pickett, T.E.

This report has been prepared to fill an immediate need for information on the earthquake that affected northern Delaware on February 28, 1973. Public interest in seismic events has grown in the past two years because of a series of small, local events (Jordan et al., 1972) and has been heightened considerably by the event described in this report. Various stresses on and within the earth lead to periodic adjustments or changes by the rocks making up the earth's crust. Many changes are too slow or small to be measured within a human lifetime, but earthquakes can be a very perceptible phenomenon, expressing more rapid adjustment. Indeed, earthquakes in many areas of the world are a serious geologic hazard and a threat to life and property. Thus, it must be recognized that the earth is a dynamic body and its processes are not bound to the convenience of man.

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Woodruff, K.D., Jordan, R.R., Pickett, T.E., 1973, Preliminary Report on the Earthquake of February 28, 1973: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report R3

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