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OFR29 Sources of Ground-Water Contamination in Delaware

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OFR29 Sources of Ground-Water Contamination in Delaware
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
Jun 1985
Talley, J.H.

Ground water is Delaware's most important natural resource. Our aquifers, which are present everywhere in Delaware, provide more than 75 million gallons each day for all uses. Nearly all of the water used in Delaware south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is obtained from aquifers, both water-table and artesian. An appreciable quantity of water is also obtained from aquifers in northern New Castle County. Ground water has generally been of good quality, been used with little or no treatment, and has been readily available at low cost.

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Talley, J.H., 1985, Sources of Ground-Water Contamination in Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report 29.

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