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OFR19 Regolith Thickness of the Delaware Piedmont

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OFR19 Regolith Thickness of the Delaware Piedmont
Publication Type:
Open File Report
Publication Date:
Jul 1982
Christopher, M.J., Woodruff, K.D.

This map shows the total thickness (regolith) of both the loose, transported material and the weathered rock that overlies crystalline rocks of the Delaware Piedmont. Transported material is generally thin and the weathered rock in place (saprolite) usually makes up the bulk of the regolith. Saprolite may vary gradationally from a weathered rock that has retained much of the characteristics of the parent rock to a product mineralogically and texturally different from its source rock.

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Christopher, M.J. and Woodruff, K.D. , 1982, Regolith Thickness of the Delaware Piedmont: Delaware Geological Survey Open File Report R1

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