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IS1 Delaware Geological Survey Cartographic Information Center

IS1 Delaware Geological Survey Cartographic Information Center
Publication Type:
Information Series
Publication Date:
May 1986
Schenck, W.S.

The Delaware Geological Survey Cartographic Information Center has made the DGS a focal point for questions concerning the availability of all types of aerial photography, thematic maps, planimetric maps, topographic maps, historic maps, LANDSAT imagery, space imagery, side looking aerial radar imagery (SLAR), and geodetic control. Sources of maps, charts, aerial photography, boundary mark information, and vertical geodetic control can be obtained for your area of interest within the State through the Center's computer-searchable data bases. In addition, through the Center's affiliation with the U. S. Geological Survey's National Cartographic Information Center (NCIC) in Reston, Virginia, we can locate all cartographic materials covering the United States produced by federal agencies.

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Schenck, W.S., 1986, elaware Geological Survey Cartographic Information Center: Delaware Geological Survey Information Series 1 ,

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