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GM9 Geology of the Seaford Area, Delaware

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GM9 Geology of the Seaford Area, Delaware
Publication Type:
Geologic Map
Publication Date:
Jul 1995
Andres, A.S., Ramsey, K.W.

This map shows the distribution of geologic units found at or near land surface. These units support agriculture and development, are mined for sand and gravel resources, and are the surface-to-subsurface pathway for water. Previous maps and reports covering the same of adjacent areas have focused on hydrogeology (Andres, 1994), surficial geology on a regional basis (Jordan, 1964, 1974; Owens and Denny, 1979, 1986; Denny et al., 1979; Ramsey and Schenck, 199), or subsurface geology (Hansen, 1981; Andres, 1986).

Coverage Area
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Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Andres, A.S. and Ramsey, K.W. , 1995, eology of the Seaford Area, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Geologic Map 9 , scale 1:24,000

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Additional Notes

Map Scale 1:24,000.