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GM2 Geology of the Middletown-Odessa Area, Delaware

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Geology of the Middletown-Odessa Area, Delaware
Publication Type:
Geologic Map
Publication Date:
Jul 1971
Pickett, T.E., Spoljaric, N.

Geology map showing the sub-surface geology of the Middletown-Odessa Area, Delaware.

Coverage Area
Use Constraints

Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Pickett, T.E. and Spoljaric, N. , 1971, eology of the Middletown-Odessa Area, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Geologic Map 2 , scale 1:24,000

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Delaware Geological Survey
Phone: (302)-831-2833
Fax: (302)-831-3579

University of Delaware
Delaware Geological Survey Building
Newark, DE 19716
Mon - Fri; 8:00am to 4:30pm

Additional Notes

Map Scale 1:24,000.