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GM15 Geologic Map of the Georgetown Quadrangle, Delaware

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GM15 Geologic Map of the Georgetown Quadrangle, Delaware
Publication Type:
Geologic Map
Publication Date:
May 2010
Ramsey, K.W.

The geologic history of the surficial geologic units of the Georgetown Quadrangle is primarily that of deposition of the Beaverdam Formation and its subsequent modification by erosion and deposition of younger stratigraphic units. The age of the Beaverdam Formation is uncertain due to the lack of age-definitive fossils within the unit. Stratigraphic relationships in Delaware indicate that it is no older than late Miocene and no younger than early Pleistocene. Regional correlations based on similarities of depositional style, stratigraphic position, and sediment textures suggest that it is likely late Pliocene in age; correlative with the Bacons Castle Formation of Virginia (Ramsey, 1992, 2010).

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Ramsey, K.W., 2010, Geologic Map of the Georgetown Quadrangle, Delaware: Delaware Geological Survey Geologic Map 15 , scale 1:24,000.

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