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B1 Ground-Water Problems in Highway Construction and Maintenance

B1 Ground-Water Problems in Highway Construction and Maintenance
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Jul 1953
Rasmussen, W.C., Haigler, E.B.

This report discusses the occurrence of ground water in relation to certain problems in highway construction and maintenance. These problems are: the subdrainage of roads; quicksand; the arrest of soil creep in road cuts; the construction of lower and larger culverts necessitated by the farm-drainage program; the prevention of failure of bridge abutments and retaining walls; and the watercement ratio of sub-water-table concrete. Although the highway problems and suggested solutions are of general interest, they are considered with special reference to the State of Delaware, in relation to the geology of that State. The new technique of soil stabilization by electroosmosis is reviewed in the hope that it might find application here in road work and pile setting. Field application by the Germans and Russians is reviewed.

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Rasmussen, W.C. and Haigler, E.B. , 1953, Ground-Water Problems in Highway Construction and Maintenance: Delaware Geological Survey Bulletin 1.

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