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Stefanie J. Baxter: Staff Profile

Stefanie J. Baxter P.G.
Associate Scientist

Stefanie J. Baxter joined the Delaware Geological Survey in 1994, after obtaining a B.S. in Geology from Kean College and an M.S. in Marine Geology from the University of Delaware. Prior to starting work at the DGS, Stefanie worked for the Ocean Drilling Program, East Coast Repository at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

As manager of the DGS Seismic Network, Ms. Baxter collaborates and consults with researchers at other institutions (Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University, Center for Earthquake Research and Information/University of Memphis) involved in recording and reporting on seismic events and investigating and conducting seismic research. She analyzes seismic events in Delaware and nearby areas, prepares press releases, and coordinates with the Delaware Emergency Management Agency.

As a hydrogeologist, Ms. Baxter is responsible for updating and maintaining the information that goes into the monthly updates of the Summary of Water Conditions in Delaware. This involves collecting precipitation, water-level, and streamflow data from various sources, recording information, analyzing data, updating spreadsheets, updating graphs, and finally converting the information into a web-appropriate format. Her primary responsibilities include representing the State Geologist on the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee of the Delaware River Basin Commission and on the Decree Parties Work Group that is associated with the Office of the Delaware River Master.

As DGS Editor and Publications Coordinator, Ms. Baxter is responsible for maintaining a high degree of professionalism in all print material that the DGS publishes and is responsible for First State Geology newsletter which the DGS mails to its stakeholders twice a year.

University of Delaware, 1994, M.S., Oceanography - Marine Geology
Kean University, 1992, B..A., Geology

River Master Decree Party Work Group
DRBC Regulated Flow Technical Advisory Committee - Chairperson
Association of Earth Science Editors
New Castle County Resource Protection Area Technical Advisory Committee

External Publications

2004, Sugarman, P. J., Miller, K. G., McLaughlin, P. P., Jr., Browning, J. V., Hernandez, J., Monteverde, D., Uptegrove, J., Baxter, S. J., McKenna, T. E., Andres, A. S., Benson, Rn N., Ramsey, K. W., Keyser, T., Katz, M. E, Kahn, A., Friedman, A., Wojtko, M., Feigenson, M. D., Olsson, R. K., Brenner G., Self-Trail, J. M., and Cobbs, G., III, Fort Mott Site. In Miller, K.