DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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History of DGS - Exhibit

The Delaware Geological Survey's mission is, by statute, geologic and hydrologic research and exploration, and dissemination of information through publication and public service.

The program of the Delaware Geological Survey, includes research, exploration, and service in accordance with the statute founding the unit in 1951. The charges specified provide the framework for the activities of the DGS: systematic investigation of the geology and physiographic features of Delaware, including consideration of such scientific questions in the field of geology that are deemed of value to the people of the State; exploration and research pertaining to the water, mineral, and other earth resources that are or may become of economic importance to the State; preparation of reports and maps presenting its findings; and provision of factual geologic information and advice to the officials and citizens of the State of Delaware to assure optimum and equitable utilization of geologic resources.

The DGS represents Delaware to several counterpart federal agencies, including the Minerals Management Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and the Delaware River Master. The State Geologist and other members of the DGS serve on many federal, regional, and State committees, boards, and commissions to ensure coordination and the availability of geologic information. The public is encouraged to check with the DGS for information on related areas.

For more details about the History of DGS, see SP17 The Delaware Geological Survey: The Formative Years, 1951-1969.