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Well and Water Level Summary for Wells with 4 or More Observations

Well and Water Level Summary for Wells with 4 or More Observations - Well Cb15-04
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Sep 2014
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Groundwater levels are basic information needed for evaluating water conditions and for basic and applied research. For these efforts, water levels are being measured statewide in wells completed in multiple aquifers. Some wells are measured for specific projects, such as the Coastal Aquifers Salinity Project and the Water Conditions program, while other wells are measured so that staff can maintain long-term records of groundwater levels for evaluation of trends.

Table contains summary data from wells having 4 or more water level observations.

Downloads and Data

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Spatial Reference System(s)
UTM Zone 18 N NAD83 meters

Use Constraints

Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Additional Notes

The following data attributes are included in the spreadsheet:

  • DGSID - DGS well identifier
  • easting,northing - UTM 1983 coordinates, rounded to nearest meter
  • altitude - NGVD 1929 elevation of land surface in feet
  • scrntop, scrnbot - depth to top and bottom of open or screen interval in ft below land surface
  • NBR - number of observations
  • hyd_unit - DGS aquifer code, see listing below
  • begin, stop - years of first and last water level observations
  • minwl, avgwl, maxwl - minimum, average, and maximum depth to water in feet below land surface

Note that a negative water level reading indicates above land surface.

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