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Delaware Offshore Geologic Inventory Dataset

Delaware Offshore Geologic Inventory Dataset
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Publication Date:
Aug 2009
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Since 1992, the Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) has compiled a geologic database known as the Delaware Offshore Geologic Inventory (DOGI) that consists of sediment samples, radiocarbon and amino acid racemization dates, seismic profiles, and vibracores taken from the near-shore and inner continental shelf in state and federal waters. Most of the 366 vibracores are stored at the DGS on-site core and sample repository.

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Spatial Reference System(s)
UTM Zone 18 N NAD 1983 meters
WGS 1984 Decimal Degrees

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Please give proper credit to the Delaware Geological Survey.

Additional Notes

More information about this data can be found in the DOGI Project page or in the resulting DGS publication, RI63 An Evaluation of Sand Resources, Atlantic Offshore, Delaware.