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Data and Graphs of Water Level Summaries for Wells with 20+ Years or 100+ Observations

Example Hydrograph for DB24-18 - Water Level Summaries for Wells with 20+ Years or 100+ Observations
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Sep 2014
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Ground-water levels are basic information needed for evaluating water conditions and for basic and applied research. For these efforts, water levels are being measured statewide in wells completed in multiple aquifers. Some wells are measured for specific projects, such as the Coastal Aquifers Salinity Project and the Water Conditions program, while other wells are measured so that staff can maintain long term records of ground-water levels for evaluation of trends. Table contains summary data from wells having 100 or more water level observations.

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UTM Zone 18 N NAD83 meters

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Additional Notes

Data accessible on this page are a subset of DGS holdings and are updated quarterly (March, June, etc.). Click on the data link for the well of interest to download a comma delimited text file of all available water level data for that well. Hydrographs are available for a small subset of wells that have water level recorders. Click on the graph link for the well of interest to download a PDF file containing a hydrograph of daily mean water levels.

For most of the wells water levels were measured in monitoring or observation wells by staff members of the DGS and USGS. For a few wells water levels were measured by employees of consulting firms. Users should be aware that these data records have been checked by DGS staff, however they are subject to revision. If you have questions or require additional information about the wells or measurements, please contact the DGS through the address at the bottom of this page.