DGS Annual Report

DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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Meteorological Station: Georgetown Sussex County Airport

Georgetown NWS Meterological Station

Station Type: 
Period of Record: 
1949 to Present
Map County: 
Sussex County
Map Location: 

UD hosts first-ever Geospatial Research Day

UD Geospatial Research Day

The University of Delaware's first Geospatial Research Day took place in the Trabant University Center on Thursday, Nov. 19. The free event highlighted the geospatial research being conducted at the University of Delaware and the ways in which UD community members are using geospatial technology.

Thousands come out to celebrate the sea at Coast Day 2009

Coast Day visitor Brandon Herbert Mears at the ever popular critter touch tanks. Photo by Lisa Tossey

A 33-year tradition, Coast Day lets visitors learn more about the state's ocean and coastal resources as well as the work of CEOE researchers, Delaware Sea Grant, and their many partners.

UD plans Geospatial Research Day for November 19, 2009

UD Geospatial Research Day

This free event will showcase UD researchers in their use of geospatial techniques and technologies.

SP17 The Delaware Geological Survey: The Formative Years, 1951-1969

SP17 The Delaware Geological Survey: The Formative Years, 1951-1969

Emphasis is placed herein on the years of Dr. Groot's leadership of the Survey. The remarkable work of James C. Booth in the last century is acknowledged but has elsewhere been entered in history. Some continuing activities of the Survey after 1969 are noted together with comments of an experienced observer; this current period may someday receive the attention of a recorder having the enhanced perspective of time.

Maps and Directions

Maps, driving directions, parking, and contact information for the Delaware Geological Survey.

About the Delaware Geological Survey

The DGS Building, University of Delaware, Newark Campus

The Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) is a science-based, public-service-driven Delaware state agency at the University of Delaware (UD) that conducts geologic and hydrologic research, service, and exploration for the benefit of the citizens of the First State. The mission of the DGS is to provide objective earth science information, advice, and service to its stakeholders, the citizens, policy makers, industries, and educational institutions of Delaware.

The Delaware DataMIL is officially released

The Delaware Data Mapping and Integration Laboratory
Date: Apr 2002

Governor Minner officially released the Delaware DataMIL web site to the Delaware GIS community and the world.

RI18 Geology and Ground Water, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

RI18 Geology and Ground Water, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

The results of an intensive ground-water study on University of Delaware lands in the Newark area revealed additional sources of available ground water. Geophysical techniques, air-photo interpretation, studies of existing data, field mapping, test drilling, and pump tests were used as the bases for guiding additional well development. The study, conducted by the Delaware Geological Survey, was a cooperative effort between the University of Delaware and the City of Newark in response to mutual water supply problems. A potential ground-water yield of about 500 gpm was discovered on the University Laird Tract in the Piedmont Province. Ground water available from other locations in the Coastal Plain portion of the study area may total about 175 gpm. However, careful well development and proper well spacing will be necessary to obtain optimum yields.

DGS releases first public web site

The first DGS website.
Date: Apr 1997

DGS releases first public web site.

Delaware Geological Survey joins CMES

Delaware Geological Survey joins CEOE

The Delaware Geological Survey, which was created in 1951 by an act of the General Assembly, is a state agency that has been administratively assigned to the University of Delaware since its inception. It previously reported to the vice provost for research and graduate studies, but beginning July 1, it will become formally affiliated with the College of Marine and Earth Studies (CMES).

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