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DGS Annual Report of Programs and Activities.

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Presentations at GSA (Geological Society of America) 2012 Annual Meeting

David Wunsch, director of the Delaware Geological Survey and state geologist, and Peter McLaughlin, senior scientist with the Delaware Geological Survey, attended the annual meeting of Geological Society of America in Charlotte, N.C., Nov. 4-7.

Peter P. McLaughlin Jr. presented at 2011 AAPG annual meeting

Peter P. McLaughlin Jr., of the Delaware Geological Survey, presented "Stratigraphic Architecture of Shallow-Marine Siliciclastic Sequences in an Updip Passive-Margin Setting: Insights into the Miocene Aquifers of the Central Delmarva Peninsula," at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society for Sedimentary Geology, April 12, Houston. The presentation was coauthored with graduate student Paul Martin (geological sciences) and with Kenneth G. Miller and James V. Browning (Rutgers University).